Life in 2020 - What was planned and what really Happened Surprised the Whole World

Aakash Talreja
3 min readJul 8, 2021

Just after celebrating new year’s eve on 31st December, 2019 with my friends, we got to know about the Corona virus through the social media and we were really shocked seeing the spread of it in other countries and it was said that if we did not find the cure soon enough, the Covid-19 will be spreading very fast in all the countries around the world. Initially everyone thought it as a regular disease that could be easily cured and stopped.

As a few days passed, we got to know that the situation in countries like China, Italy, and Spain was getting worse and the number of cases were rising day by day. People there could not do anything without the proper cure. In a few countries the virus has not been started and in some countries the situation was under control.

Image via MGN

In mid February, when I visited Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, I could see some people taking precautionary measures on the Airport such as wearing face masks and face shields and maintaining social distance and cleaning the table tops and ticket counter with sanitizers so that it could not spread in our country as people are coming to the airport from other countries too. In Dharamshala people were not really worried about the virus and everything seemed to be normal after seeing that situation, we were also less worried about the virus and enjoyed the whole trip.

As we returned back to Mumbai from a memorable trip, a few days past around 300 cases of Covid-19 were registered in India as well around mid march. We got worried watching thousands of people in Italy and Spain die because there was no proper medicine or vaccine available to cure this virus or to prevent getting infected with Covid 19.

To put a brake on spreading the virus in the country, the Indian Government imposed a small lockdown for three days but the people were already affected with it and without having any other option, the government had to impose complete lockdown in the whole country.

In this pandemic many people were fired from their jobs and some had to shut their businesses completely in order to survive in these tough times. The government also helped many people with food supplies and other daily necessary things, who couldn’t survive and did not have any savings. Due to this situation, people lost their homes, their dreams and their jobs.

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During this pandemic I got a break from my business and spent that quality time with my family, played some games and I got to attend some yoga sessions with them. I also attended a Creative Writing Workshop and Anger Management Workshop that helped me to look deep into myself and found some flaws and I am trying to fix them.

My three takeaways from the Pandemic situation in 2020

  • Life is unpredictable
  • Health is truly Wealth
  • Be grateful for every little privilege

Lastly, I hope that eventually everything will get back to normal as soon as everyone gets vaccinated and we could see the world mask free with all the happiness and prosperity.