The Printing Press, a Crucial and Helpful Invention? What would life be without it?

“There’s nothing like a printed book; the weight, the woody scent, the feel, the look.” ― E.A. Bucchianeri

Invented in the year 1440, by Mr. Johannes Gutenberg, the printing press has been the essential tool of mass communication and education for centuries. Without this, the world would have been different today.

This sequential construction system strategy for duplicating books empowered a single print machine that made over 3,600 pages every day. By the year 1500, more than 1,000 Gutenberg presses were working in Europe, and by 1600, they had made more than 200 million new books. The print machine not just made books available for the lower classes, it also helped spark the Age of Enlightenment and worked with the spread of new and frequently dubious thoughts.

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Without the Printing Machine Revolution, where scientists, philosophers, religious groups could easily share their ideas and work accurately with others would have never happened. This makes important inventions and cultural movements impossible, mainly delaying human progress.

The printing helps students of any age to learn. From doing assignments to submitting reports. Students use notebooks to write and learn, teachers use books for teaching because the pictures added to the textbooks make it easier for students to learn and memorize the lessons. Without printed notes and books, teachers have to use the board and marker to write key points and even draw some pictures to make students understand and memorize the lessons.

Printing also helps all the writers to achieve their dreams by publishing their book in the market for the people to read and connect to the author internally. If the book is published online, readers will have to read it through their phone or any device suitable and that could affect their eyesight by staring at the screen longer. Books are easy to read and cause less strain on the eyes.

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Overall, the print machine is a reforming creation. To start with, the print machine was designed during an essential time frame. In this period, there was a great deal of disorder and trouble. The print machine had a colossal impact on spreading thoughts, considerations, news, training, and being educated. By printing books and papers, we have figured out how to impart and spread thoughts all through the world.

The print machine is one of the premise innovations for the manifestations and motivation of numerous other more current developments. Without the print machine, we don’t have the foggiest idea of how we might have perhaps spread our idea and develop after some time intellectually, socially, monetarily, strategically, and strictly without the print machine. The print machine is very important for our lives as it makes it a bit easy to learn, gain knowledge, and evolve one’s thinking to a better way of living life.

According to me, the Printing machine is truly one of the best inventions to date, as it helped humans to spread knowledge and information across the world at a faster pace but also because it has provided ample employment opportunities all over the world throughout the centuries.



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